FHC JV Volleyball team beats Cedar Springs to 2 out of 3 matches


On Tuesday night, the girls JV Volleyball played Cedar Springs in three matches. The Rangers went to three matches, losing one and winning two, getting the overall win.

The Rangers lost the first match but came back in the second and third to win both. The first set was very slow for the girls, but they stepped it up to get the overall win. The girls made sure to encourage each other and to hold each other accountable. The defense was able to adjust to the hitters on the other side of the net, taking care of any dangerous plays. Freshman Kate Hotaling and sophomores Sophia Galan and Kylee Murawski did well with directing the team on the defensive end.

The next game for the Rangers is on Thursday, October 17th in the OK White Tri at Northview at 5:00 PM.