Freshman football beats Lowell 21-0


Jonah Cumings, Sports Reporter

Facing off against rival Lowell on homecoming week, the Rangers stepped up and held them scoreless in their 21-0 victory. This brings their record to 6-0-2 with one game left in the regular season.

The Rangers started off the game with an out-of-bounds kickoff, giving the Red Arrows solid field position starting their first drive. The Rangers stopped their drive quickly though, and they were forced to punt away. The Rangers took the ball and met similar success, being stopped after several plays and forced to punt.

Lowell took the ball and once again struggled to move the ball against the suffocating Ranger defense. Repeating their earlier drive, they tried to punt. This time, however, the snap was not clean and the ball soared over the Lowell punter’s head. The punter ran back and jumped on the ball, giving the ball to the Rangers on the 5-yard line, prime scoring position.

The Rangers took the ball and met a ferocious defensive stand by Lowell, not scoring on the first three downs. On a dramatic fourth down, Michael Campbell ran the ball 7 yards for the touchdown, bringing the score to 6-0. The extra point was no good, and the Rangers took the lead as the first quarter came to a close.

Lowell took the ball and continued to be hounded by strong defense by the Rangers. The Red Arrows were stopped and turned the ball over on downs. The Rangers took the ball and met similar success. They were forced to punt after failing to convert on the third down.

The Red Arrows took the ball and managed to push past the Ranger defense with a slow and powerful running game, driving down the field while running the clock out. After this long drive, the Red Arrows were approaching the 20-yard line. Hoping to score before the clock ran out, they threw a long pass into the end zone. The pass was underthrown, and Chase Robinson intercepted it in the end zone, ending the drive for the Red Arrows and giving the ball to the Rangers with little time left on the clock. The Rangers had the ball for one play before the clock ran out, making the halftime score 6-0.

Coming out of the locker room, the Rangers were set to receive the ball first. The Rangers took the ball and immediately began to drive down the field. After pushing most of the way down the field, Jack Elliot ran 33 yards for the touchdown. A pass from Justin Osterhouse to Michael Campbell secured the 2-point conversion, making the score 14-0.

Taking the ball hoping to reduce their deficit, the Red Arrows were immediately disappointed. A pitch was fumbled and Sam Sneider recovered the ball, giving the Rangers the ball right back. The Rangers, however, failed to convert on their opportunity and turned the ball over on downs.

Lowell continued to be stopped by the suffocating Ranger defense on their next drive and were swiftly forced to punt. The snap went wide and the Rangers recovered the ball on the ten, perfect scoring position. The offense took over and Levi Mackenzie quickly ran the ball in for a 12-yard touchdown. The extra point was good by Owen Meyer, making the score 21-0.

The Red Arrows took over as the clock ran out in the third quarter. They began yet another long drive, taking out most of the clock in the fourth quarter. The Red Arrows drove slowly down until they were at the 15-yard line. On fourth down, Sam Sneider sacked the quarterback for a turnover on downs, giving the Rangers the ball with little time left on the clock. The Rangers’ drive was accented by a 50-yard run by Carter Lyons, bringing the Rangers to the 5-yard line. There, the Rangers assumed victory formation and ran down the clock, making the final score 21-0.

This was a strong performance by the team, whose record is now 6-0-2. Next week, the Rangers will be playing Greenville away in their last game of the season.