JV football suffers first loss of the season against Lowell 14-10


JV football suffered a devastating loss against Lowell. The final score was 14-10 in the favor of the Red Arrows, but the final didn’t represent the intensity of the game. 

The Rangers received the ball first, but were forced out in a quick three plays. FHC went back and forth with their opponent and no points were scored until a little later in the game. On a quick reverse, sophomore Benny Scholler received the pitch and scored from 18 yards out, putting the Rangers up 7-0. Shortly after, the Red Arrows received the ball, and made progress up the field yet again. Sophomore Rhosias Arius ended the Red Arrows run, however, by swatting the ball down on 3rd down and forcing them out.

The Rangers had one more play to end the half, and finished with a field goal from sophomore Luke Gustafson, bringing their lead to 10 points.

After halftime, the Red Arrows heated up. They started with an opening touchdown and didn’t stop there. Sophomore quarterback Pierson VanGorp was successful at the start of the game, but was having a tough time connecting in the second half as the opposing defense gained energy. Sophomore Quentin Rudolf was a huge threat for the Rangers, but couldn’t quite finish in the redzone.

Towards the end of the game, the Lowell offense put up another 7 points, securing their lead 14-10. The Rangers had one more attempt to retake the lead, but were unsuccessful as they missed their chance with a missed target near the sidelines.

Lowell took the win 14-10, but gave the Rangers a fuel as they go into their game on Thursday, October 25 against Traverse City Central. They are now 7-1 on the season, and are looking to finish it off with a win.