Girls varsity field hockey loses to Pioneer and ties Hartland and Cransbrook-Kingswood

Cam Roth

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Olivia Hooper
February 1, 2021

After a stunning victory against Mercy in their last game, the Forest Hills field hockey girls were faced with a tough loss against Pioneer High School. The girls also tied against both Hartland and Cranbrook-Kingswood. In each of the three games, the girls brought intensity and passion to the field. Despite their best efforts to take the lead throughout the games, Forest Hills tied Hartland 0-0 and Cranbrook-Kingswood 2-2. The ladies lost to Pioneer High School 2-0. 

“Cranbrook is a good team, however, we should have beaten them,” Forest Hills Central senior Megan Raisch said. “During the game, we started to play down to their level, which prevented us from coming out on top. Playing on the grass field in the cold was difficult, but our team was able to make quick adjustments in order to improve our passing and communicating.”

The games against Pioneer, Hartland, and Cranbrook-Kingsland were the last three games of the season. The ladies finished the season with a 3-8-2 record and are hoping to step things up in the next season.