Player Profile: Jaida Coller


Name: Jaida Coller

Grade: 9

Sport: Freshman Volleyball

Position: Hitter

3 fun facts:

  • She also plays ice hockey
  • She has a dog named Cooper
  • She plays the setter position

What is your favorite memory of this season so far?

“My favorite memory was the first tournament we had of the season when we were the champions.”

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

“My biggest inspiration would be all of my coaches in the past because they have helped me improve my game immensely.”

What has been your greatest accomplishment this season?

“My biggest accomplishment this season would be getting to work more back row because I have not had much experience with it before.”

What is your favorite thing about your team and why?

“My favorite thing about my team is that we are undefeated; we have worked very hard throughout the entire season.”