Eye Of Truth — A Monologue


‘What is truth you ask?

Is it a belief?

Is it reality?

What do you find as truth?


Is it what you see when you open your eyes?

Or is what you see when you close them?


Is truth the happiness you seek out in the day?

Is it what keeps you up at night?

Or is it what you dream? 


What is it to you? 


Do you seek out the truth through those around you?

Or do you find it in yourself?


 Do you trust yourself?

Why trust yourself?

You are only one existence why not seek out others?


Do you value others’ truth?

If so why?

Why value other’s truth?

It isn’t your truth why listen?


 How does one learn truth?

Do they learn through experience?

Do they learn truth from thought? 


How will truth affect you?

Will you fall apart?

Will you keep your composure?


 How long will it take to find it?

Do you believe you’ll ever find the truth?


Whatever you believe, whatever you see as your truth, yours will be different than and contrasting to those around you. 

One truth will never be the same, one might have layers and dimension with reason and theory and one might be one image. 

Whatever the dimension, whatever the reason your truth matters.’