Five Key Defensive Players for the Ranger’s Against West Ottawa

Five Key Defensive Players for the Ranger’s Against West Ottawa

Kyle Peirce , Sports Reporter

FHC’s new revamped defense was on full display in the season opener against Jenison. Along with shutting out the Wildcats on the scoreboard, the Rangers were very aggressive and able to force turnovers, never allowing Jenison to get much momentum going offensively. For the Ranger’s defense to replicate that success against West Ottawa, look for these key players to lead FHC to another dominant defensive showing.

Nick Beaumier- Senior DB

Not many balls were thrown on Nick’s side of the field last week because no one was able to get open against him. An aggressive defender with top-notch technique, speed, and reaction time, it’s almost impossible to get a step on him. Look for another strong performance from #2 to really hurt West Ottawa’s passing game.

Anthony Delapp- Senior FS

Being aggressive, along with having a knack for getting to the ball carrier, Anthony is one of the strong points of this defense. Whether it’s taking away the deep ball or making sure the running back doesn’t break off a big gain, Anthony is a solid player who is more than capable of doing the job. Look for him to be all over the field and hear his name called more than a few times making the stop.

Sal Sidebotham- Senior LB

The anchor of the Ranger’s defense, Sal has been impressive in all aspects of the game. With a fumble recovery and an interception against Jenison, Sal is showing he can do it all. Opposing offenses can never get too far without having to go through Sal first. Expect to hear Sal’s name just about every other time a tackle is made against this West Ottawa unit.

Alec Elzinga- Senior DL

A tough match-up for any offensive linemen, Alec is always quick to react once the ball is snapped. With a combination of speed and strength, it doesn’t take Alec long to make the quarterback uncomfortable. If Alec can establish his presence early in the game, West Ottawa’s quarterback will be in for a long night.

Harrison Engler- Senior DL

Unfortunately for opposing running backs and quarterbacks, you will never see Harrison take a play off. With furious aggression and big time strength, Harrison and Alec form quite a formidable duo down in the trenches. If the battle at the line of scrimmage sways the Ranger’s way, look for Harrison to be leading the charge.