“Love You Still” by Tyler Shaw is a perfect song to listen to on repeat


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After having fans vote on a cover picture, this is the one Tyler Shaw landed on for his new song.

I have never really been angry at anyone. I have never had any romantic relationship. I have no direct connection to most songs as they discuss these or alcohol. However, I can imagine what it feels like to have these experiences when I listen to music. 

The song “abcdefu” by Gayle is one of those songs that allows me to feel anger. The lyrics are perfect for singing or screaming at the top of your lungs, and the beat builds to a climax at the chorus. 

It describes the breakup of Gayle and her ex and how she is ready and has moved on to all but her ex’s dog. 

Though I have never had this experience of a breakup or even much direct anger at one person, I am able to release whatever hidden anger I do have locked inside of me. 

This release of anger wasn’t just found within me. In fact, it quickly became a popular song across social media such as TikTok and Instagram.

Even with the extra letters, he made the climax perfect and catchy with the melody and background piano.”

With this popularity came an alternative version by singer-songwriter Tyler Shaw. 

As he explained in a video on Instagram, Shaw wanted to post content every day and eventually found Gayle’s “abcdefu.” He then made a more romantic version of the chorus.

“A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H/I love you still/And you know I always will/Till the end of time/I won’t change my mind.”

After all of the support and spread of the new chorus, he started writing a full version, and after weeks of waiting for the ability to officially release it from the original writers and publishers, he finally released the full version of the song, which he titled “Love You Still,” on Friday, Feb. 18. 

With the same tune as the original, “Love You Still” matches its calmer lyrics while still leading to a climax of the alphabet—though in this song it leads to more of a silence, but it is still holding the power of a climax. Even with the extra letters, he made the climax perfect and catchy with the melody and background piano; the three extra letters weren’t out of place. 

And despite having no connection to the romantic lyrics of the song, the lyrics still resonate with me. Singing of love and being there forever, Shaw reaches his audience through their hearts. He shows that every relationship is different, and that is perfect—better even than everyone being a relationship clone. 

“You said you didn’t wanna be like everybody else/Wanted something only you and I can have ourselves/Picture perfect isn’t something that I’ve ever felt.”

No matter how romantic the song is, I can connect with it through love of other kinds like familial, friendship, and self-love. It’s okay to be different, and love is being there for someone and being there forever. 

So, after releasing all of my anger with “abcdefu,” despite the same tune, “Love You Still” is a great way to calm down and touch in with the opposite side of your emotions. Not only is it calming and heartwarming, but also it doesn’t become an earworm like other songs may after listening to it on repeat for hours.