Ranger JV Tennis takes a loss against Rockford

Peyton Herbert, Sports Reporter

The Forest Hills JV Tennis went out to Rockford to play one of their biggest rivals. The Rangers went out onto the court playing their best tennis to beat the Rockford. But Rockford showed up ready to play. The Rangers took a 3-5 loss.

The first match to come off the court was won by Andrew Tebeau and Owen Thamban scoring the first point for the Rangers. After the matches started to come to an end Tyler George and Alex Reed were able to pull out the final win of the day. But it was not enough to bring the JV Tennis team to a victory.

“A lot of the net play is what needs to be improved on being the JV team we play all doubles matches and a lot of our guys are not naturally tennis players,” said head coach Chris Tippett. “So trying to get them to learn to play at the net correctly which is challenging but they catch on fast and by the end of the season they will have it down”

Coach Tippett has led his team to many victories throughout this season. The team’s record is 7-3 including the loss today. But they have had some great wins against some of the best teams in the state. One of the best wins was against Portage Central on Portage’s home courts. Some of the other teams they have played consist of FHN, Jenison, and Portage Northern.

“I believe the team has been doing very well and playing well as a team getting a lot of victories. Personally I have been improving a lot on my first year playing tennis,” junior Andrew Tebeau said. “My expectations this year is not to lose anymore And come out number one”.

Ranger JV Tennis now has the opportunity to improve their play. The guys sound confident that they are going to get better and start stepping up their game.

“The team has been great pulling out the dubs lately. I haven’t played in a match yet, but practice is great though,” junior Jacob Demeter said. “My expectations are for the team to win the rest of the matches.”