Disney Plus shrewdly hides its mistakes by providing nostalgia and happiness to all


How much are you willing to pay to relive your childhood, to get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia? Does $70 sound about right?

 Disney Plus is the new rave. It hosts all the Disney shows, movies, and shorts imaginable. Sleeping Beauty, The Suite Life On Deck, and even every Simpsons episode ever made are available on the streaming service. 

Disney Plus appears to be the perfect streaming service for all families, but will it stand the test of time?

The app is lined with some of the best films ever made; it has the basic functions of any streaming service, and the app itself is relatively user-friendly on phones and other handheld devices.

However, many people are blinded by the joy of having unlimited access to their favorite Disney movies and are overlooking the fact that the app is facing minor difficulties. One particular inconvenience I noticed right away when playing around with Disney Plus is the fact that it did not save what I had been watching.

Instead of saving and appearing at the top of my screen as many other apps such as Netflix do, every time I wanted to watch an episode of a show, I would have to search it up, click on it, and scroll until I found the episode I was on. 

How much are you willing to pay to relive your childhood, to get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia? Does seventy dollars sound about right?”

The tedious process became very aggravating after a while of using it. This glitch needs to be fixed if Disney wants its customers to be fully satisfied.

Another difficulty that the consumer should be aware of is that, although it was not impossible, my family struggled to find a way to get the app to appear on a TV. It took numerous attempts; after watching a multitude of “how-to” YouTube videos, we finally managed to access it on only one of our TVs. 

These errors are unsettling, but alas, they are only a couple of problems in a sea of possibilities. They are small, overlooked details in the works, and Disney will hopefully correct their mistakes in due time. 

Besides the upsetting but tolerable mistakes of the app, the content alone is enough to draw anybody in. 

Disney Plus is just like other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Many are hesitant to purchase a subscription, but let me assure you, the app will please everyone in your family. From the dads who love Star Wars to the little girls who idealize Cinderella, the app has it all. 

Unlike many other streaming services, the cost of Disney Plus is refreshingly low for how many options there are to choose from; many people are splitting the cost between siblings, parents, and even friend groups. 

Right from launch day, Disney has made it clear that they intend to become the number one streaming service by making the price of Disney Plus lower than any of Netflix’s packages. The lower price makes Disney Plus more desirable than other apps. 

While this price change may be bad for Disney’s competition, it makes the users excited to lay down the seventy dollars necessary for their pleasure and entertainment. 

Disney Plus has its inconveniences, much like any new app; but overall, it is an enjoyable app that is guaranteed to please Disney’s immense following and fill the gaping hole of your favorite childhood Disney Channel shows.