Class of 2017 Student Council Roundtable


The class of 2017 student council candidates mean business this year. From left: Logan Vredenburg, Rea Parocaran, Mimi Rave, Paityn Wedder, and Bennett Hendricks

Why did you decide to run for student council?

Bennett Hendricks (President): Well we’re all running uncontested.

Paityn: We don’t have to give speeches this year, so that was kind of an incentive.


Mimi Rave (Trustee): Bennett and Paityn wanted me to.

Logan Vredenburg (Vice President): I want to make the class have a good time.

Mimi: Last year’s performances were a little embarrassing, so I’m here to help improve that.

Paityn Wedder (Treasurer): We want to get credit for it this year and make it better.

Logan: We want to make sure nothing goes wrong with our float slash lip sync.

Mimi: And improve the representation of our class.

What do you think your greatest strengths will be as a group and individually as leaders for your class?

Logan: We all have excellent leadership skills and we’re all friends.

Paityn: We have a group message! (laughs) And we all get along this year.

Mimi: I think we all know our class pretty well, so we’re able to communicate.

Logan: I think we’re a pretty unified class, everyone’s together.

Rea Parocaran (Secretary): I think we all have good communication skills and we know what we need to do, and we’ll get it done.

Bennett: We have some experience, too.

How do you feel that this year went for your class?

Paityn: I feel like our lip sync can only improve. It can’t get worse.

Mimi: We definitely need a higher participation rate. People don’t want to do it because we have a record of not doing well, because we don’t have enough people.

Rea: It wasn’t terrible.

Logan: I feel like class participation on everything except the lip sync was pretty good.

Paityn: And senior challenges were fine.

Mimi: I think we’ve gotten third in every one. Pretty much it can only go up from here, we just need more participation.

Rea: We just need everyone to be excited about it.

What are your goals for the class next year?

Mimi: Higher participation rate.

Logan: To have a really kickin’ lip sync.

Mimi: Definitely try and take away from the idea that people have that it’s stupid and you’re going to look stupid. You might, but it’s fun. You’re going to regret it if you’re in your senior year and you’re like ‘I didn’t do a single lip sync’ or ‘I didn’t participate in anything.” You’ll regret it.

Paityn: Float is really important too, though. Everyone should join float.

What are some issues that you think need to be addressed and how will you address them as student council members?

Rea: One thing is unity as a whole. As Mimi was saying, we need to realize that we only have two years left here, and I think we need to embrace that and just go all out on everything. How we do that, I don’t know. We’ll see.

Paityn: I think we’re pretty unified compared to previous years, but we just need to get people to participate.

Logan: I think one of the ways we can improve is telling more people.

Mimi: I feel like we need to just start earlier with all our preparations and be more organized.

Paityn: I feel like being upperclassmen will help too.

How do you think that being upperclassmen will affect your role on student council and in the school overall next year?

Logan: Everyone’s going to be participating in everything more, because we won’t be the loser underclassmen anymore.

Mimi: I feel like it’ll just be better now that we have two years under our belt and we’ve seen the participation in the upperclassmen, and now we are those upperclassmen, so we kind of have to do the same thing.

What are you most excited for about being juniors?

Mimi: We’re closer to the end!

Logan: Getting to know more people. Because I don’t know everyone in the class, and the more time that we spend together as a class, the more people you can meet.

Mimi: Getting to be role models for the younger classes.