FHC Girls Golf Goes Back to Back With Another Jamboree Win

FHC girls golf runs away with a close victory against FHN to make it two straight victories

FHC Girls Golf Goes Back to Back With Another Jamboree Win

Joe Freihofer, Sports Reporter

Three strokes. That was how fine the margin of victory was at Arrowhead Golf course for FHC on Wednesday afternoon. Whether it was a drive, a putt, or a chip, every shot counted towards the final score tallie for the Lady Rangers. A few of the girls were down on their luck, but a strong coalition of unmatched determination pushed them through for their second consecutive jamboree win, defeating FHN, and locking the team in for a tie between the two in conference standings.

Going into the match, FHC was down by one point to FHN in the conference standings. This was a huge match for the girls, as they narrowly escaped in an extremely tight race. Freshman Ally Ringler was coming off of a hot start to the season, placing first individually in their previous jamboree. Ally’s impact on this year’s team has shown through in many different aspects, but tonight just wasn’t her night.

“She struggled a bit today,” head coach Paul TenEyck said, “That is to be expected after having her career round yesterday. I think today was a really good learning round for her, but she still helped us get the victory.”

Senior Katie Knoor also played a big role for FHC in the match. Katie had the opportunity to play at the number one spot ahead of her five other teammates. Katie shot a 39 on the day; her game appeared to be strong for most of the afternoon, hitting a beautiful drive right down the middle of the fairway on the second hole. She continued to play well, despite one minor hiccup during the match.

“It went pretty well,” Katie said. “There was one shot that I hit in the hazard, but other than that it went pretty solidly.”

Senior Maddie Junkunc played well for FHC, shooting a 42 at the number two spot. Also, playing for the Rangers, were seniors Sydney Reynolds and Molly Weiner. All five girls contributed towards the crucial victory. Depth in the starting lineup was the difference maker for the Rangers. Coach TenEyck understands how crucial it is to have a team that works well together.

“The thing that really makes our team strong is that they love each other,” TenEyck said. “When you have a team that enjoys being around each other and understands what the team philosophy is, it makes everything much easier.”

Looking further down the road, TenEyck discussed their next objectives as the matches continue to heat up. Next week, the Rangers have three jamborees in a row; a task that will surely prove challenging for these girls. Their first place position in the conference means that they cannot take their foot off of the gas.

“Next week is basically our season,” TenEyck said. “We have three straight matches on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Whatever happens on Monday, we will move right to Tuesday. Our long term goal is to qualify for the state finals. If we continue to progress and play the way that we have been playing, then we’ve got an outside chance of achieving that goal.”