Jersey Mike’s Subs: Delivering Authenticity


Jimmy John’s provides exceptionally speedy service. Subway offers optimal sub customization at decent prices. However, Jersey Mike’s Subs offers signature authenticity.

Jersey Mike’s, a sub sandwich chain with a relatively new location in Kentwood, advertises their subs with a similar strategy to Subway: emphasis of freshness. Unlike Subway, however, Jersey Mike’s actually delivers, with some of the best subs (potentially the best) fast food has to offer.

Rows of fresh, signature, packaged meats and cheeses. A counter lined with different juices and seasonings: red wine vinegar, olive oil blend, oregano. This first striking features upon entering the shop denotes the quality and level of freshness Jersey Mike’s will offer. But the real proof lies within the food itself.

With menu items ranging from a grilled pastrami reuben to a baja chicken wrap, the chain is saturated in options. At the same time, the arranged options do not overwhelm, as they are limited in range. My particular favorite, the chipotle cheese steak, offers rich flavor with simultaneous spicy mayo tang. And all of the cheesesteaks are prepared on a hot grill.

Prepared in front of your eyes to your own liking, the customization of subs offers its own merits as well. You can decide the juiciness of your sub, especially when it comes to the cold subs. Although however you order your sub to be made, supreme freshness can almost be guaranteed.

Service, although not as specialized and friendly as Jimmy John’s can be, gets the job done, and done well. The flow of the ordering and paying areas accommodates for busy times, while optimizing single orders.

The success of Jersey Mike’s, as highlighted by the shop itself, is not based on the inches of their subs, or the seconds needed to make their sandwiches, but rather, the juicy, fresh authenticity of their creations.