I Don’t Like You by Grace VanderWaal is tempermental and real


Grace VanderWaal has been in the music industry for quite some time; most have adored her unique voice from the beginning, and she’s only gotten better since.

A singer-songwriter from Suffern, New York, VanderWaal wowed judges and impressed America during her debut on America’s Got Talent with her wispy vocals and gentle ukulele-playing. To top it all off, the fierce teen writes her own material.

If that doesn’t already impress you, she has recently signed to IMG Models Worldwide and has already taken home a slew of awards, including a Teen Choice Award. In case you doubt this little spitfire, her debut U.S. headlining tour is already sold-out.

At the age of fifteen, VanderWaal has done more than most could in their entire lives.

Her newest song “I Don’t Like You” caught my eye for the better, and I’ve been a fan of her since the release of the track in late October. What hooked me the most was the delicious minimalism to the singer’s voice: no frills, just catchiness. I would compare her to a younger, more well-rounded Taylor Swift. They both produce music that’s infectious to the masses, and it always comes straight from the heart.

Upon first listen, I really appreciated the build of this song. It’s a mountain of emotion and rock vocal sensibilities that just keeps growing taller and taller as you get deeper into the song. I could feel the emotions exuding from VanderWaal’s vocals, even in a studio recording. Right away, I realized how unique the singer’s voice is. She sounds almost like no one else in the industry. She just simply sounds like Grace VanderWaal.

In “I Don’t Like You,” Vanderwaal was painting a story of heartbreak to the audience with so much passion and sincerity that it was hard not to fall in love with the lyrics and meaning behind it.

The heavy drums and a bassline adds to the tension until we eventually reach the crescendo of the song. This is where we get megaphone-like effects on a series of layered vocals from VanderWaal that reflect the frustration found in the lyrics.

VanderWaal poured her heart out and was rewarded with a beautiful song. Her raspy, rough-around-the-edges tone gave a sense of personality and temperament to the song.

VanderWaal details the emotions she feels with her partner and how she loves him but can’t keep letting their toxic love run amok.

Upon first listen, I really appreciated the build of this song—it’s a mountain of emotion and rock vocal sensibilities that just keeps ascending higher and higher as you get deeper into the song”

“We both refuse to lose. We both refuse to choose the higher road.”

It will be interesting to see where time and maturity will take her, considering that she’s already a phenomenal artist at fifteen years old. She already has the seasoning and experience in her voice this early on in her career.

VanderWaal has created a brand of pure honesty with her fans that she radiates through her song lyrics. Her songs read like an open book to her life, which most artists of this generation lack.

She holds substance within her music, and I’m proud to say I’m a new fan.