FHC JV Soccer Defeats the Greenville Yellow Jackets 8-0

FHC pushes through Greenville, adding another one to the win column

FHC JV Soccer Defeats the Greenville Yellow Jackets 8-0

Sam Hopkins, Sports Editor

With thirty one minutes remaining on the game clock, sophomore Alec Norris slotted the ball into the bottom left corner of the Greenville net.  This goal, the Rangers eighth of the night, would end the contest and add another win to Ranger’s record.

“We really came together as a team,” sophomore Alex Plouff said.  “We took advantage of their mistakes and converted our chances.”

FHC JV soccer defeated the Greenville Yellow Jackets 8-0 in a Thursday night showdown.

Within the first seven minutes of play, the Rangers were off to a quick start leading 5-0.

“Reese was able to get free and get others the ball in good positions,” said sophomore Ryan Collins, who scored two of the Rangers eight goals. “He really opened things up and helped us get out to an early lead.”

Sophomore Reese Walli was all over the stat sheet tonight, finishing the match with three assists and one goal.

FHC’s focal point going into the contest was finding feet when making their passes.  The Rangers executed this gameplan to perfection.  In six different situations, Ranger attackers found themselves one on one with the Greenville goalkeeper.

“It made it easier for our forwards,” Ryan said. “All we needed to do was put it around the keeper.  The lead up play was what really got us our goals.”

At the half, the Rangers led 7-0. Once the second half started, it didn’t take long to finish.  FHC finished the game with a total of 19 shots, 12 of which were on target.  With 31 minutes remaining, the whistle blew as the Rangers mercied the Yellow Jackets 8-0 in dominant fashion.

“It was a good win tonight,” Reese said. “I’m looking forward to all we can do in the coming weeks.”