Freshman girls basketball looks ahead to promising season with many new faces and talents


As the beginning of its season becomes nearer, the freshman girls basketball team is looking forward to a building year, with many new faces being added to the program. 

Due to the turnout of girls, the Ranger girls basketball program produced a freshman and varsity team for this upcoming season, and with eight eager freshman and two returning sophomores, the freshman basketball team is looking forward to a great season ahead. 

“I think our team is already looking really good so far,” freshman Frankie Sutton said. “We have already learned all of our plays and have become really close as a team. I am really looking forward to the first game, and I think we are ready.” 

Coached by head coach Tracy Jenkins and assistant coach Maddie Williams, the girls have two very skilled coaches to get their first season of high school basketball started. The two coaches also worked together last season with the girls JV team, leading the girls to a conference title.

“Coach Jenkins and I work really well together,” Coach Williams said. “He is a great teacher, and I love to encourage the team, so we really balance each other out! Not to mention, we also both have the same goals for our team: to build, to learn, and to develop an awesome work ethic. It really is a blast to coach with Tracy.”

With an entirely new team to build off of this year, the Rangers don’t have a solid grasp on what their competition will look like and how they will match up. However, after last year’s season, the Forest Hills Northern Huskies were the only thing keeping the team away from an undefeated conference record. 

Along with the Huskies, the East Grand Rapids Pioneers also gave the Rangers some trouble in the past. The Rangers are building off momentum and young players to take on the powerhouse teams as the season approaches. 

“I think this season may be a challenge in some ways because high school basketball is much faster than middle school basketball,” Coach Williams said. “But we do have some great talent, and I expect them to catch on quickly. We really have the ability to be a very good team and beat some really good teams this season.” 

The Rangers’ first game is this week on Tuesday, December 3 at 5:30 PM. They will be taking on the Wyoming Wolves on the road, and the girls are looking for a solid start to the season against a non-conference opponent. 

“I am most looking forward to having both size and speed on the team this year,” Coach Jenkins said. “Most years as a high school coach you get one or the other, but this year’s group has strong players in both aspects. I am very excited to see what they have to bring as the season gets started.”