The Mandalorian fits the distinct taste of George Lucas and Disney


The action, fiction show The Mandalorian is an eight-episode spin-off of a seven million-dollar movie series: Star Wars. The Mandalorian takes place just after the sixth movie of the Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi (1983). 

The Mandalorian shows different characters that are unique to the Star Wars universe such as bounty hunters, Storm Troopers, and, of course, Baby Yoda. Each forty-minute episode starts off with a beautiful and intriguing scene that lives up to Star Wars standards. 

The unique characters carry the storyline to different planets, literally and figuratively. The series stays on track to the distinct storyline of George Lucas’ work but also shows the creative, outside-of-the-box imagination of Disney. 

The show is only streaming on the new streaming service Disney Plus. But, the show has been a huge hit, and it encourages people to buy Disney Plus for an extended amount of time because new episodes come out every Friday. 


The Mandalorian has a specific sound; the intro background music is used throughout the episode. Every time the music comes on, I get chills, and I feel like it makes the episode ten times better.

The main character, the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal,) is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy and is well known. Each time he gets a job, he pulls through in finding the target and bringing him or her to the person with the reward. Each time he gets the reward, he is paid in a type of metal used to build his armor.

But one time the Mandalorian is sent on a job to find a creature no one has been able to catch. The Mandalorian has to be patient in his quest in traveling across the galaxy. Once the Mandalorian finds the target. he takes it to the people with the reward, but after awhile the Mandalorian realizes he wants to take care of the target: the pop culture sensation Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian breaks into the facility that is holding Baby Yoda, breaks him out, and has to get past every other bounty hunter who previously was looking for him. 

The unique characters carry the storyline to different planets, literally and figuratively.”

Once the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda are safely on his ship, the Mandalorian tries to escape all the other bounty hunters and wants to live a peaceful life on a rural, quiet planet. But, they soon find this planet is not quiet, and they need the Mandalorian’s help to bring peace back to a village located on the planet.

With the help of new friends, the Mandalorian prevails in the battle, and it seems he has found a new, better life for Baby Yoda. But unfortunately, Baby Yoda is not safe among the villagers and needs to be kept under the protection of the Mandalorian. While leaving new friends behind, the Mandalorian is on his way to his next journey.

Only the future will hold of what the Mandalorian will have to deal with next, and with each episode revealing the future, we are left on cliff hanger after cliff hanger, leaving us wanting more.

The Mandalorian definitely meets the high standards and always sticks to the distinct taste of George Lucas, and even more recently, Disney as well. Each scene gives Star Wars fans exactly what they have been looking for.