The night will always change you


With the sunrise, a new day begins.

With a sunset, a day draws its curtains; the spotlights casting their bright lights onto your life will fade away. 

In the dead of night, anything can happen. A reset button is pressed.

One day, you may go to sleep with a lawn clear of sparkly, glistening snow, but the next, you may wake to find an ice-cold blanket encompassing the world. The bright, white reflection blinds you as your eyes gaze out of crystal windows.

When the sun sets, you may lay your head on a pillow damp with tears; the salty taste of each drop reminds you of the crushing, burdensome day you just faced. But, you may also rest your head and feel peaceful content with the closing day. Until the moment comes, you may never know how the night will change you. 

When you drift off to sleep, the weight is removed; your body resets. 

As the stars and moon shine bright throughout night’s darkest hours, you get the chance to start over. You are given the chance to face the next day with a clean slate.

In the dead of night, anything can happen.”

As the sun rises, its mellow, warm rays strike your face as you lie in bed. The morning mist hangs in the air outside as the world comes back to life. A new day has begun, but how is it going to end?

Yesterday may have been a day of hurt and pain, but today can be a day of bliss. The shadows and clouds that may have loomed above your head have disappeared. Nothing but opportunity is present within your existence. 

With each passing hour, the choices and decisions that you make may cause you to have a day of happiness, but they may also lead you barrelling down the hill of a bad day. With each tough decision, you may dig yourself deeper and deeper into a dark hole that seems impossible to escape.

But no matter which direction the day may guide you, there is always a chance for change; the night will always change you. 

The sun will always rise, and the sun will always set. There will always be a chance to clear the shadows lurking close behind you.

The chance to erase your pain appears in the long hours after dusk. The chance to clear the fog in your mind will come when your head hits the pillow. 

The night will always change you.