Q&A: Kai’Enna Tucker

I grew up an atheist, so I didn’t really celebrate Christmas as a kid. Instead, we celebrate Winter Solstice. We do a lot of the same things people do on Christmas: open presents under the tree and whatnot. I think my parents had us celebrate on the Winter Solstice so that we wouldn’t miss out on what other kids got to experience. 

Winter Solstice is on the 21st of December; I always thought it was cool I got my presents before all the other kids. Although I knew what Christmas was, I didn’t know why people celebrated it. I didn’t even know who Santa was until third grade. I don’t really care about the presents; I’m just very appreciative of my parents doing all they could to make us feel normal. My favorite part about the holiday season is appreciating those around you more than you typically might. 

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