Staff Q&As: Avery Jordan

Name: Avery Jordan

Grade: 10

Position: Staff Writer

Semesters spent on TCT: 1

1. Why did you decide to join TCT?

“I decided to join TCT because the website caught my eye my freshman year, and I immediately wanted to be a part of it. I enjoyed writing prior to taking the class, and I’ve enjoyed it even more being on staff.”

2. How has TCT helped you grow as a writer and person?

“TCT has helped me grow as both a writer and a person because it has improved my writing skills indefinitely because of the beneficial schedule and the variety of stories TCT offers. As a person, I have grown because of the friendships I’ve built already through just a single semester. “

3. If you were a type of cheese, what type of cheese would you be?

“If I was a type of cheese, I would be Gouda cheese. “

4. What is your favorite thing about writing?

“My favorite thing about writing is the way that I can express my thoughts and ideas through word choice, punctuation, and grammar.”

5. What’s your funniest story of complications while working on a story? 

“My funniest story of consistent complications I have while writing would probably be the countless times I have used words from the thesaurus that absolutely do not fit my context. “

6. Who’s your favorite literary character and why?

“My favorite literary character would probably be Katniss Everdeen because of her strength and perseverance she embodies during her many fights in The Hunger Games.”

7. What is your favorite type of story to write and why? 

“My favorite types of stories to write are profiles. I enjoy writing them because I can go from having no idea who a person really is to truly knowing what they love and enjoy and why. It expands my friendships for sure.”

8. What are your aspirations for the upcoming decade?

“My aspirations for the upcoming decade is to overall become a better person and to enjoy my last years of high school before I move on with my life into adulthood and such.”

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