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Staff Q&As: Sophia Young

Name: Sophia Young

Grade: 11

Position: Staff Writer

Semesters spent on TCT: 1

1. Why did you decide to join TCT?

“I joined TCT because I wanted the chance to grow as a writer. Writing has always been something I loved doing, and now I just get to do it for a grade.”

2. How has TCT helped you grow as a writer and person?

“Before I joined TCT, I never really put that much thought into what I was writing, and I just wanted to get it over with at times. Now that I am actually on staff, however, I get the chance to write about things I actually care about. I’ve also found myself more organized and relaxed since I’ve joined.”

3. If you were a type of cheese, what type of cheese would you be?

“Definitely swiss cheese. Even though it has plenty of holes and open spaces, it’s still complete in the standards that it goes by.”

4. What is your favorite thing about writing?

“Probably the sense of relaxation I feel after just putting a few words down. But, I also love that feeling when you are proud of something you’ve written.”

5. What’s your funniest story of complications while working on a story? 

“I haven’t actually had any complications during a story, but after hearing some other stories, I kind of hope I do face some complications while working on a story.”

6. Who’s your favorite literary character and why?

“This question makes me wonder if I actually read as much as I should. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.”

7. What is your favorite type of story to write and why? 

“I love writing reviews. It’s great to have the chance to get the word out there about something I personally like, but it can also be interesting to write a bad review and see how people react.”

8. What are your aspirations for the upcoming decade?

“Honestly, my main goal currently is to just make it through one day at a time. There is so much to think about in the upcoming decade, and I sometimes worry that if I think about it all at once, I won’t be able to handle it.”

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