Hailee Steinfield morphs her internal feelings into mournful lyrics with her new single “Wrong Direction”


Singer-songwriter Hailee Steinfield triumphantly rang in the new decade this past Wednesday by releasing a track that supposedly targeted her ex-lover: Niall Horan. 

The couple’s former relationship was far from Steinfield’s definition of perfection; it was an overall unhealthy situation that continuously tore her down until she broke.

While most people coop up their emotions, Steinfield’s love for singing overtook her conscience, persuading her to compose a new song.

Celebrities are often considered to have nothing less than a content, positive and stress-free lifestyle. Although, that is not the case for the majority of the fame population — especially for this actress and singer-songwriter.

She initiates her song with the line, “I don’t hate you,” clarifying that a negative act doesn’t trigger immediate hatred. Furthermore, she stated later within the lyrics that she did not hate his figure, just the bitter things he put her through.

2020 is a year for changes.

Notably, with Steinfield, she sings this song with deep love and sorrow, which are two factors we rarely have seen from her past releases. Her overall goal is to push this difficult relationship behind her so she can move on to better and brighter things in her future as an individual. 

In the depths of her song, a chunk of the chorus includes the lyrics,  “Loved me with your worst intentions,” meaning that true love was not found equally in that relationship. Relationships are difficult when it comes to both partners contributing what is needed for a successful relationship. Steinfield truly felt that she was the only one pulling her weight. She exclaimed this in an interview with Apple Music while also including her undivided feelings towards the definition of love.

While most people coop up their emotions, Steinfield’s love for singing overtook her conscience persuading her to compose a new song.”

Steinfield analyzes how simple it is to fall in love with the idea of falling in love. Furthermore, she states that it can be even harder to accept the reality of losing yourself in someone else’s version of the word. These few meaningful words she recited changed my point of view on the true meaning of love. Essentially, “Wrong Direction” portrays her outlook of love and how she went about it.

She came out with a lyric video on release day, and it hit almost a quarter-million views within just 48 hours. This showcases her popularity within the music industry; her fans are obviously eager for more content.

I personally have not listened to Steinfield very often. However, after listening to this track on repeat, I now adore her ability to have a raw tone, yet execute beautiful notes simultaneously.

Steinfield’s new year single is skyrocketing with millions of views and streams throughout the country. Ironically enough, “Wrong Direction” is unquestionably shooting Steinfield in the right direction in regards to the clear success of her flourishing career.