Player Profile: Mason Childers


Name: Mason Childers

Grade: 11

Sport: Varsity Wrestling

Weight: 119

Three fun facts about Mason:

  1. He has a dog named Zeus
  2. He used to do Karate
  3. His favorite cereal is peanut butter cheerios

Why do you wrestle?

“I started wrestling with my close friends and we’ve all been really invested in it and have loved it since middle school. It is a very good way to stay in shape, and teaches you more than just discipline and skills that you can use in the sport and in your life in the future.”

What has been the biggest inspiration in your wrestling career?

“My dad is one of my biggest inspirations. He has pushed me since the start of my wrestling career, and has kept me disciplined and always ready for the next match.”

What is a good tip for future wrestlers?

“Keep your body and mind healthy throughout the season. Cutting weight is one of the hardest parts of the sport, and you should always be prepared and stay healthy in order to make your weight.”

What do you think are the team’s best qualities?

“The team this year not only has a lot of talent, but we’re also all super close. Last weekend we went up to Mt. Pleasant and watched the CMU wrestling matches together which was a really fun bonding time. I couldn’t ask for a better group to wrestle with, and am excited for the remainder of the season.”