advantageous inadequacies


the similarity of antonyms


the sameness of love and hate 


the one to whom the likeness shows

but unable to relate


scalding mixed with a polar chill to create an indecent steam

dropping a match into a glacial gas room will still ignite a flame

the finality of the illustrious flicker is infamous 

fickle rightly so


love again for hate—whereas the opposite is true 

such powerful inverses attract the truth

feelings contradict thoughts—yet they represent candor

while shrouded in the deceit of words


spring and winter both promise a change

when they came it all was still the same

falsities encompassed in the promise of an ultimate happiness

look past the bad to receive the good


the tears dribble slowly 

although they come on fast to any of those perceived as the happiest

it’s difficult to accept it, but it’s easier to get lost in it

to reach happiness is to tread through the dark waters of grief


to be in exquisite peace is to remove yourself from all that makes you calm

in any final departure is the release from those most loathed

as well as those most cherished

to sleep soundly in the final resting place is but only to nap under the uncertain wing of eternity

any forever will fail to surpass the test of time


that’s the simplicity of the complex statement

it is impossible to be advantageous without an inadequacy or two