Alexa and Katie’s third season is a smashing success

Alexa and Katie's third season is a smashing success

Netflix’s Alexa & Katie is what I would describe as a feel-good show, from the first season to the last.

Season three started out like the seasons before: the first day of school. Only this time the friends are in the middle of a huge—or big, as Alexa would say—fight. The first episode starts with both her and Katie sitting on opposite sides of a couch, meeting with a therapist.

The girls’ friendship has fallen into a bit of a rut, so they start by retelling the past day’s events in order to figure how their fight started and what caused the altercation.

They start their story with their first day of junior year; Alexa and Katie realize how unprepared they are for college and all the other stressful things that junior year entails. After recounting their whole day, the therapist explains they had a fight about nothing. She elaborates and explains that the added pressure of this year and everything they’ve dealt with over the past two seasons has caused them to experience some anxiety.

By the end of the episode, the girls manage to work out their differences—just in time for episode two.

Throughout the season, Alexa and Katie’s friendship continues to grow, showcasing the highlights of having a companion during high school and the importance of having someone to lean on during tough times and stressful situations.

I enjoyed the sense of humor that every single character seemed to possess, as well as the dialogue that transpired between the characters throughout the episode. The back and forth banter and endless dad jokes were my favorite part of the season.

Although season one was all about Alexa beating cancer, season three’s content consisted of the girls dealing with more conventional topics: anxiety, drivers tests, and the SAT’s. I think the part of the series that I enjoyed most was the show’s ability to be original and unique without trying too hard and being cliche.

Throughout season three, Alexa and Katie struggle with college applications, school, and everything else happening in their world. Katie struggles to juggle theater and study groups, and Alexa tries to find something to write her college essays about other than cancer.

The back and forth banter and endless dad jokes were my favorite part of the season”

Although the show is mostly about Alexa and Katie, the background characters contribute just as much to the plot. Lucas, Alexa’s older brother, shows us how people learn in different ways, and while flashcards may work for some people, he has to study in a way that makes sense to him.

Alexa’s mom and dad show us, in episode four, that sometimes you have to quit your job to be happy—which is something I whole-heartedly support: letting things go in order to make yourself happy.

High school is a stressful time in everyone’s life, and Netflix’s Alexa and Katie goes to show that having a best friend can make it easier to get through even the toughest of times, whether that be cancer or trying to get into college.

And no matter how much I disagree with Alexa’s decision at the end of episode seven, the friendship between the girls makes me smile.