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Staff Q&As: Allie Beaumont

Name: Allie Beaumont

Grade: 9

Position: Staff Writer

Semesters spent on TCT: 1

1. Why did you decide to join TCT?

“Growing up, I would write a lot of short stories just for myself and my family, and writing has always been something I would do for fun to express my thoughts. Along with that, I really wanted to grow my writing and grammar knowledge.” 

2. How has TCT helped you grow as a writer and person?

“TCT has been such a support system for me in the small amount of time I have been here, and the fact that it has such an amazing environment helps me get some of my best writing done. The help from the upperclassmen in my class, as well as the editors and Mr. George, has also been an amazing source of why my writing has improved so much.”

3. If you were a type of cheese, what type of cheese would you be?

“Mozzarella because for starters, I really like mozzarella cheese. But besides that fact, I think mozzarella is quite soft and tasty at the same time, and if I were to translate that to my personality, I would say that from my appearance you might assume that I’m soft and sweet, which of course I try to be, but there is also much more depth and flavor, if you will, to my personality.”

4. What is your favorite thing about writing?

“I love the feeling when [I] finish a story that I worked really hard on, and I know [that it] is some of my best work. It just gives me a really rewarding feeling.”

5. What’s your funniest story of complications while working on a story? 

“One time, I was really struggling to find someone for a Humans of FHC, so I asked a cluster of boys if they had any funny stories they wanted to tell just to get some ideas if any of these stories were good. As a result, one boy told me a story of how their friend spilled marinara sauce on himself during their bus ride and how for a couple of months after the fact they called him marinara boy. The story was confusing and crazy and definitely would not work for my Humans, but it was very humorous nonetheless and made for a good laugh, but I still didn’t have a Humans.”

6. Who’s your favorite literary character and why?

“I have so many favorite books, as well as characters, but if I had to pick one I really love, it would have to be Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter because even though she is kind of a background character, her unique personality and continued loyalty to the core three always fascinated me, and I really love the role she plays in both the book and the movies.”

7. What is your favorite type of story to write and why? 

“My favorite type of story to write is a column because I love how naturally the words flow when I am writing a column and how, when I write them, it’s like sharing a little part of who I really am with the rest of the readers. It’s just an exhilarating feeling putting something personal into the world.”

8. What are your aspirations for the upcoming decade?

“I want to be more adventurous in every aspect of my life. I want to try new foods and vacation to new places and keep an open mind about everything I do. I want to do this because I think it is a good balance between pushing myself and still being an attainable goal.”

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