RAT Q&A: Alex Souza

Name: Alex Souza

Grade: 12

1. What is your act?

“I’m doing my rendition of ‘Hey Jude’ [by the Beatles] on the piano.”

2. How did you prepare?

“I’ve had this electric piano in my house for like 10 years, but I never played it. Last year, I was trying to learn the piano, and then like seven keys are broken. I basically just played a really crappy piano for about a year. The singing was already there, [and] I like that song a lot.”

3. What made you audition with your act?

“Well, I did [RAT] last year, and I liked it, so it’s kind of fun. There seems to be a good cast as well, so I might have a good time with them. And it fits my bowling schedule, so yeah.”

4. Tell us about the moment you were selected for RAT.

“It felt good. I probably wouldn’t have been that mad if I didn’t get selected because it’s not my life or anything. But, it’s just kind of something fun that I do every year.”

5. How do you feel about cilantro?

“Cilantro? I always put it on my burritos at Qdoba.”

6. Money, power, or good looks: which would you rather have an unlimited supply of and why?

“Good looks because in the book we read [in AP Lit] a guy had good looks, and he got whatever he wanted.”

7. Are you good on stage?

“Honestly, I get pretty nervous, but I never falter or anything. So it just feels weird, but it’s a lot of fun—that adrenaline going.”

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