Nate Delaney crashes the boards to lead freshman basketball to a 59-19 win over Cedar Springs


The boys freshman basketball team secured its second conference win last night 59-19 over the Red Hawks of Cedar Springs. Center Nate Delaney came back strong this week after battling a shoulder injury. The big man controlled the boards, snatching up 10 rebounds on the night. His work on the glass allowed for fast breaks and easy buckets. 

“We were able to push the ball in the first half a lot, which gave us a comfortable lead,” head coach Adam Monroe said. “Then to extend the lead in the second half with some great execution of our sets, it was great to see.”

The Rangers continued their dominant defense from last week, only giving up a total of six points in the second half, including just one point in the fourth quarter. Monroe and assistant coach Matt Ellis stress defense during practice, and they are pleased with the results they are seeing. 

“Between both halves, we were never in the bonus. This showed improvement from last week after the early foul trouble,”  Adam said. “The boys really took notice that fouling is not going to be something that we do, and we were able to prevent that in this game.”

Monroe was proud of his team’s ability to play defense without the fear of a foul being called. This is something that the boys have been working on after the tough start to the Greenville game last Thursday. 

The next competition for the team is on Thursday, January 16, against the Lowell Red Arrows. This game means a little extra to the boys since it will be their first home game in their high school basketball careers.