Player Profile: Hannah Becker

Cam Roth

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Name: Hannah Becker

Grade: 12

Sport: Girls wrestling

What is your favorite thing about the sport of wrestling?

“I love the individuality of it, if you make a mistake or something doesn’t quite go your way, it’s all on you, there isn’t anyone else to blame and it really builds your mental toughness. But also in moments of glory, you feel like you can take on the world.”

How were you introduced to wrestling?

“I’ve grown up around the sport, my grandpa wrestled his whole life and coached my dad, who wrestled in college. It’s always been something I’m interested in and something I’ve wanted to do.”

What are the benefits of wrestling?

“The wrestling community is full of different people and traveling to different places and meeting new people is always fun. It also gets you into shape and there is nothing like being in wrestling shape. But I’d say the biggest benefit to wrestling is the number of bonds you make with your teammates and coaches. At the beginning of the season, it feels a little bit awkward because there are new people, but once you get to the end of the season everyone is like family.”

What role does wrestling play after high school and in the future?

“After high school I will most likely be wrestling in college, a lot of schools are now adding women’s wrestling to their athletic programs, but I’m also hoping that FHC’s girl’s team continues to grow for as long as possible. It’s a really great opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone and test your own limits. “