Harper Rowland finds her passion for field hockey, although she wasn’t expecting it

Freshman Harper Rowland needed to find “her thing.”

She found out about field hockey and was curious. She had never played before and didn’t really know what field hockey was about. She decided to give it a try.

“It was just one of those things I signed up for,” Harper said. “I never knew what to do. I never knew you only had to use one side of the stick. I would never expect for me to be playing for four years now, I thought I would only play for a little bit and hate it.”

Although Harper was doubtful at first, she now has been playing for four years and loves every second of it. She puts a lot of time into perfecting her skills to be able to play her best: she has improved a lot from where she first started.

“I only wanted to do it for a little bit, at first, because I didn’t know if I would like it.” Harper said. “But now I’m doing a lot better. This past summer, I had one of the girls from the team coach me, so she helped me to get better.” 

Harper puts extra time into perfecting her skills, but she also has required practice time, just like every sports team. Through those practices, she has met some good friends that have stuck with her for multiple seasons in a row.

Harper doesn’t just only have FHC girls on her team but also players from all Forest Hills schools. The Forest Hills field hockey team is split into three groups: varsity, JV purple, and JV white. All of the girls on the teams become really close—they spend a lot of the school year together—but they also spend time in the summer practicing together.

When Harper was new to the sport, she didn’t know anyone from her team. Along with not knowing very many people, she wasn’t familiar with the sport. But in the past four years, she has made close relationships with her teammates. 

I thought it would be fun to try,” Harper said. “But when I first tried playing, I didn’t really like it; I thought the practices were boring. But I really liked the games, [and] I now like practices. I think they’re fun. We learn a lot of new stuff.”

For field hockey, I get to be away from my usual friends, and I get to meet new ones.”

Harper plans on playing for the rest of high school and even into college; from now to then she also plans on doing multiple camps to keep her skills up.

“I’m doing a camp starting in January,” Harper said, “so it will help me learn more moves. A lot of my friends from my field hockey team are going which should be fun.”

And just like any other sport, field hockey isn’t only about the practice–it’s also about playing the games. Harper’s team plays in games, and she really enjoys it, but they also play in tournaments.

“I like tournaments because when we go, it’s usually raining, and it’s so fun playing in the rain,” Harper said. “Usually, you would think it would suck playing in the rain, but it really doesn’t. We have tournaments in Detroit or Lansing, but our furthest one away was in Louisville. They’re really fun.” 

Everything that she loves about field hockey makes playing worthwhile. Harper really got into field hockey and now enjoys playing; she is so happy that she tried out. 

Sometimes, it can be hard to pick a sport that is right. When trying out and playing in her first season, Harper wasn’t sure if field hockey was the right sport for her. But she waited it out and found out she really loves what she does.

“Playing makes me feel good,” Harper said. “I tried lacrosse, but I quit the first day. For field hockey, I get to be away from my usual friends, and I get to meet new ones. I get to have fun and be free; I can do what I want. I like playing a lot, and I like to be away from home. I just really like playing a lot; it’s fun to be able to do something new.”