Player profile: Jacob Bonnett


Player Name: Jacob Bonnett

Sports: Basketball

Position: SF

3 Fun Facts: 


  • He has a brother named Josh who goes to MSU
  • He has a dog named Bailey
  • He has been to Florida 7 times



Playing sports or watching sports with friends and family.

What is your favorite part of the sport?

“The competitiveness and playing with people I enjoy playing with.”

What/who was your inspiration for the sport?

“My dad used to play sports in college.”

Do you play any other sports, if so how do they relate to this sport?

“I play football, I think it is related to the competitiveness because I always want to win.”

What are your goals to improve as a player?

“Just to keep playing and watching basketball and learning more about the game and just how to become better overall as a player.”