Player Profile: Anna Hale


Zoe Lipke , Sports Reporter

Name: Anna Hale

Grade: 9th 

Sport: Freshman girls basketball

Fun facts: 

  • She has been playing basketball for four years
  • She has grown up playing with many of the same teammates that she is still playing with today

Why did you decide to play basketball this year? 

“I decided to play basketball this year because I have always loved the game, and when I’m playing it’s like there is no stress from school or anything else.”

What is your favorite part about basketball? 

“I love playing in games when they get really close, and you and your team have to work hard to win.”

What is your pre-game routine? 

“Before every game, I usually listen to music that will get me hype, and get me in game mode.”

What is your favorite quote, and why? 

“My favorite quote is, “everything happens for a reason.” I really like this quote because I think that if something wasn’t meant to be then it won’t be, and everything will play out according to plan in the end.” 

What are you most looking forward to for the remainder of high school?

“I am really looking forward to growing as a person, and I’m excited to see what the future has planned for me.”