Player Profile: Arthur Pelon


Joe Murdock, Sports Reporter

Name: Arthur Pelon


Sport: Boys Freshman Basketball


Grade: 9


Position: Shooting guard


How is the season going so far? 

Really good, we are working really hard at practice and we are all getting much better


What are your goals for the season?

 Win conference and have a great season no matter what happens


How long have you been playing basketball? 

I have been playing for 3 years 


What is your favorite part about being on the team? 

The friendships and the memories through the whole season and having a lot of fun 


3 Fun facts about Arthur

  1. He has two cats
  2. He also plays baseball
  3. He is the fifth of his name


What is your most memorable basketball experience?

When I broke my ankle in tryouts in 8th grade


What makes basketball special to you? 

The hustle, commitment and the memories that we get in winning and team bonding