Jax sandwiches satisfy on all levels – Restaurant review


Mr. George, Advisor

When I order a sandwich, I’m looking for satisfaction on many levels.  I want it to be affordable, filling, tasty, and pleasant to look at before I dive in.  The sandwiches I sampled today from Jax Smoke N’ Sandwich were winners in every area – and then some.

The new restaurant in the strip mall on the corner of 28th St. and Cascade has only been open a couple of months, but based on the food I ate and the several customers who were stopping in, Jax is quickly filling a niche in the local restaurant scene.

Let’s start with the food.  I sampled two separate sandwiches- the Southerner and the NY Combo – since I couldn’t decide on just one.  When the other customers in the restaurant heard me having trouble making a decision, they were quick to recommend these two sandwiches.

The NY Combo was a reuben on steroids – huge, spicy, and perfect.  And, I mean perfect.  The bread was soft and the thousand island dressing added a little sweet spice to the corned beef, smoked beef and grilled onions.

The Southerner was even more perfect, if that’s possible.  Of course, any time you can fit bacon into a sandwich, it’s destined for greatness.  The combination of smoked pork, bacon, apple fennel slaw and pickle made for a tasty treat that is hard to describe in words.  Let’s just say that it blows away any other sandwich I’ve eaten recently.

Both sandwiches were so big and full of meat and other ingredients that the last several bites of each required a fork and a plate.  Definitely not a sandwich you want to eat while driving or doing anything other than sitting still and concentrating on your food.

On the side, I ordered the sweet potato tots.  For FHC students who are missing the tater tots in the cafeteria this year, take a 5-minute drive to Jax and try these.  Incredible.

The restaurant itself is open and airy with a red interior and plentiful seating.  It could definitely be a comfortable after-school or post-game stop for a group of students or a family.

The service was quick and friendly.  In fact, as soon as the owner’s brother heard that I was the newspaper advisor, he readily walked me around the restaurant explaining his family’s background in cooking that goes at least two generations back.  Dustin, the owner, wasn’t there, but his brother informed me that the restaurant is named after Dustin’s young son.

Beyond sandwiches, the menu includes wings, multiple salads, sides and soups.  It looked like there were several specials – including a family meal special – but, I was too busy checking out the pictures on the wall to get all the specifics.

The prices on the menu seem appropriate or even low for the size of the portions.  The sandwich might cost $9, but I can guarantee that you will get your money’s worth.

I know I’ll be back at Jax.  Grabbing a bite to eat near 28th St. and Cascade can become a bit mundane with Culver’s, Panera and Subway as the main choices. img_3901
img_3903Jax (open 11-7 Monday through Thursday and until 8 on Saturday) is new on the block, but I’m betting that it will quickly become a neighborhood favorite.