TREAT MYSELF was undeniably worth the wait

TREAT MYSELF was undeniably worth the wait

The ‘Megatronz’ of the world were extremely disappointed on August 31, 2018, when popstar Meghan Trainor announced the delay of her highly anticipated album. 

However, their disappointment was cured when Trainor released the long-awaited album just a few days ago.

TREAT MYSELF made its debut on January 31, 2020—exactly a year and a half after its scheduled release date. Despite its belated delivery, Trainor’s supporters were pleased with her valid reason for doing so: Trainor was so deliberately determined to amuse her fans.

All in all, her album release was delayed because she wanted to add more songs to make the high expectations—and quality—even higher.

Trainor has eight never-before-heard songs embedded into her album, eight of which she is beyond proud of composing. 

“Babygirl” is all about self-love.

It radiates the importance of putting you and your mental health and stability first. The repetitive lyrics of “You’ll never know what an angel you are,” are offering a sense of adoration and affection; the line makes my love for Meghan grow.

The song is discussing how to cope with patience—how giving up is not the answer. The inspiring lyrics are amazing for young girls out there who are listening and following Trainor’s career path. She is so idolized, so for her to compose a song implicating self-adoration is simply heartening.

Her second new bop is titled “Funk.” It is an upbeat, exhilarating melody that unseemingly paints a smile on my face.

This song is showcasing Trainor’s happiness, but also her anguish. It is dedicated to a past relationship and how much she misses the good times it held.

She repeatedly expresses how she wants this anonymous figure back. However, you can see just by her content tone how much better she is doing without him. Yet, her resentment has been revived from the past.

The world has been in search of a women-empowering album, and I truly believe that TREAT MYSELF is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.”

All of Trainor’s new additions seem to have a connection. The titles are in an order of events in a relationship: “Another Opinion,” “Lie to Me,” and “Have You Now.” It seems like an order of occurrences leading to a final breakup, or in this case, a reconnection.

My favorite out of the three is “Another Opinion.” It is an empowering song about not all opinions mattering in the end; it resembles freeness and simplicity.

I feel that this is an important message for all girls around the world.

Our youth is so beyond obsessed with what other people think, and this is slowly decreasing individuality within females.

I favor this song because it shows how opinions do not matter to Trainor, saying “If you don’t like me, that’s not my fault.” Her independent personality is encouraging to not only herself, but her audience as well. The message that she is portraying will indefinitely help her fans live more heedlessly beyond just this song.

Trainor has come so far in the music industry in just numerous years; her growth has inspired many wannabe artists that look up to her. Her independence and strength she portrays as a woman is something I truly idolize, and she continues to take pride in that every step of the way. 

The world has been in search of a women-empowering album, and I truly believe that TREAT MYSELF is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.