Player Profile: Robby Frazer


Name: Robby Frazer

Grade: 11

Sport: Wrestling

Weight: 152


Fun Facts:

  • Favorite move is the ankle pick
  • Big Michigan fan
  • Enjoys trying new and interesting foods

When did you start wrestling?

“I’ve been wrestling since middle school and have been in love with it ever since.”

What is your favorite pre-game tradition?

“A big part of wrestling is thinking everything through, so before every match I just try and get in the zone.”

What is your favorite part about the Ranger wrestling program?

“Wrestling has shown me a lot over the years, and it’s all thanks to the way Ranger wrestling teaches us. It is a lot of intense workouts, but also improves the wrestler as a player and person.”

Who is one of your biggest inspirations?

“My dad is probably my biggest inspiration. He always pushes me to do better in everything, and he has really turned me into the wrestler and person I am today.”