An open letter to everyone I used to know


Rene Maier, Managing Editor

Miscommunication and lack of communication have killed more friendships in the past two years of my life than in any before.

I am an honest person, and I like things done the right way and I like when people put in maximum effort to get a job done. I think sometimes that can rub people the wrong way or things comes off differently than I mean for them to, and so I want to say sorry.

I may not be the best at completing things on time, and I may not be the best person when it comes to confronting people about things that I feel aren’t the way they are supposed to be. But I am trying to improve myself in that way. In all ways.

To all the people that I used to know, I apologize for my actions that may have caused us not be as close as we were, or even friends at all. I know actions speak louder than words and when those actions come off in a way they are not intended, it hurts and I know that because it has happened to me more than enough times. It was not on purpose. I never want to make people feel bad and to all the people that I am still close to, I am a good person. I put a lot of things on my plate and work hard on those things and sometimes I put one thing in front of another and it ends badly. But that’s how life is. Everyone will offend at least one person with everything they do, but at the same time they place tons of people with that same thing.

Life is tricky like that, one thing can sound differently to ten people and one out of those ten people will take it in a way that they don’t like. So, to those people I apologize that I came off in a way that didn’t please you.

In the past two years I have caught myself saying things that I probably shouldn’t share with some people because it has come back to hurt me. I was in a very bad place for a long time and since cutting those ties this last year, I have left a lot of people behind that I didn’t intend to and it hurts. It hurts me because getting out of a negative place was supposed to make my life more positive, and even though I am much happier now than I have been for a while, I wish that I would have kept in touch with more people.

To all the people that I used to know I hope all is well. I am truly sorry that we are not in touch anymore and I hope that one day we will be.