how to catch a crayfish


the waves

rolling in

sloshing in 

a bucket of water


meticulously bending down

minding the edges

as to not slice your hand

on the muscles


wading in the lake

kicking up rocks

using quick hands

laying a net over top of the exit


pull it up quickly

gently place it in the bucket

be sure to put it in there safely 

take good care of it


run up the dock

announce to everyone your victory

observe it zig-zag around in the color turned green by the light through the tinted plastic

be careful not to poke too hard


wait in enlightening disarray for the sun to begin its descent

cautiously carry the bucket back down the dock

ensure no water slops over the sides

survey the dark waters and affectionately pick the safest side to release it


bend down and look at it one last time

say your last goodbye

carefully tip the bucket and pour all its contents back into which it came

let it go.