Player Profile: Tommy Hendricks

Player Profile: Tommy Hendricks

Name: Tommy Hendricks

Grade: 12

Sport: Varsity Wrestling

Weight: 160

Fun Facts:

  1. Born on January 1st
  2. Favorite color is orange
  3. Mrs. Grendel was his first grade teacher

What is your favorite wrestling move?

“My favorite move would probably be an arm spin or weasel, not because I use them in matches but because they are cool and fun to use.” 

What is a good tip for incoming wrestlers?

“A tip for incoming wrestlers would be to pay attention, always do what you’re asked, and apply the wrestling mindset to everything you do in life.”

What is your go-to snack mid-season?

“I don’t have to cut weight much, but a good clif bar is always a great option.” 

Since we’re edging towards the end of the season, what is your favorite memory?

“My favorite memory about this season would have to be receiving the trophy as senior captain at Forest Hills Eastern.”