Morning Belle is the light in the dark


In the midst of the cold, cruel winter, a splash of summer is requisite to maintain the hope of sunlight. Without that sliver of sunshine, Morning Belle could not be seen. 

Morning Belle recently opened along the East Beltline. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago while I was driving and was instantly curious. 

The plain white sign that almost seems a part of the wall behind it is simply the antithesis of every piece of decor held inside. 

My jam-packed weekend left very little time to visit Morning Belle, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the wait staff tended to my every need. 

I have found that many sit-down restaurants typically leave customers waiting for anywhere between thirty minutes to over an hour, but not Morning Belle. The moment I walked through the door, a table was prepared for me. 

The adorable aesthetic left me flummoxed. The wide variety of chair and table designs seemed to degrade the restaurant at first, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized it suited the setup of the room. 

The tables with one design went with a specific set of four chairs. The sequence of colors remained consistent, and each color complemented the others with ease. However, the contrast of the pastel hues and vibrant patterns was not the root of my curiosity.

Hanging from the ceiling and walls is the one item that tied the restaurant together—plants. 

Shelves of succulents and curtains of leaves made a normal meal in the winter feel like an escape from the outside world. Traveling to a warmer state or country in the middle of winter is not in my price range, but Morning Belle is. 

Every inch of the restaurant seems as if the designer spent hours on only that one spot; however, the carefully picked decorations left me wondering whether or not their food would live up to this same standard. 

After enjoying the scenery for a mere twenty minutes or so, my food arrived at my table. 

The presentation of the plate appeared as organized chaos. Each ingredient was mixed into one pile, but, to my surprise, it made the food taste all the better. 

I will admit I was envious of almost every table around me as well. The diversity of food created an unexpected range of categories: sweet, savory, feel-good, and filling. 

My chicken and egg meal went above and beyond anything I anticipated. The seasoning, though they are strong, did not overpower the flavors of the rest of the meal. 

Shelves of succulents and curtains of leaves made a normal meal in the winter feel like an escape from the outside world.

The gargantuan plate of food quickly filled me up before even half of it was gone. The moment I started slowing down, my waitress was at my table offering to get me a box from the back. 

Morning Belle is a part of the new technique of paying at the front of the building rather than paying at your table. 

Even though my total was more than I hoped for, I was not upset with it. The quality of both the restaurant decorations and the food made it worth the cost. 

Morning Belle is not at all what I expected, but I am extremely pleased; it is most definitely a restaurant that I plan to return to.