The Coronavirus epidemic: is it worth America’s concern?


More than 800 people have been reported dead in China.

More deaths have occurred than the 2002 fatal disease SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) caused. 

On average, nine relatives of the infected have been diagnosed after every meal.

All due to a single disease—Coronavirus.

Coronavirus originally broke out in the city of Wuhan, China. It is a series of diseases that are transmitted from certain species of animals including camels and bats. However, it was recently discovered that this virus holds the power to transmit between humans through human-to-human interaction.

So the question is: should we panic?

The spreading of Coronavirus outside of China is definitely worrisome. 

Studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) have declared that the outbreak is a public health emergency and that there is a “window of opportunity” to halt the escalation of the virus.

Accordingly, concerns in regards to the disease should not be overly immense.

In general, the virus is affecting elders rather than America’s youth. Fortunately, only a few cases have been found in children, but the results still have the capability to leave families devastated nevertheless. 

This virus is leaving countries around the globe broken. However, America needs to be thankful and relieved for the rarity of its existence in our country. ”

Many around the world have been participating in the debate on whether this outbreak is a pandemic.

Pandemic is a hyperbolic word. The difference between pandemic and epidemic is unsurprisingly large; pandemic is associated with worldwide effect and epidemic signifies the disease stays within a single population.

Health experts state that Coronavirus becoming pandemic is a minuscule possibility—it is nothing more than an epidemic. 

Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in approximately twenty-five countries outside of China. Because of these statistics, it is proven that this virus has the ability to transfer quickly.

For instance, two members of a family from the United Kingdom have been diagnosed along with a third person from Brighton and a fourth from London.

Although, over four-hundred people have been tested, and all were found negative.

Yes, it is frightening, but the virus remains insignificant to us Americans—for now.

As I non-stop check and re-check my sources, I am unsettled with the number of deaths I see slowly rising. As of today, February 10th, 2020, the total deaths have risen up to 910 as of just 1:58 pm.

This virus is leaving countries around the globe broken. However, America needs to be thankful and relieved for the rarity of its existence in our country. 

Americans are completely over-exaggerating their panicky state over a virus that is a far-fetched issue. However, our overall empathy as a country has enhanced while keeping the Coronavirus victims close to our hearts.