Do you resent the little blue-eyed girl?


Pale and plain you sit upon my clutter-covered surface collecting dust. Never used, but I still don’t have the heart to let you leave, even after the years fly by. The millions of places your plastic eyes have seen; the millions of places your soft fur has been laid upon.

The once bright turquoise color, reminiscent of the ocean breeze, has paled to resemble nothing more than a grayish hue, the color of distant memories.

If you could talk, you’d tell the tale of a little blue-eyed girl who finally grew into the ideas in her head. But sadly, your voice will never be heard by the world, and my ears will never get the pleasure of learning how you used to view the little blue-eyed girl and what you think of her now.

Would you be disappointed in the little blue-eyed girl who is no longer so little?

I gently placed you down one day, against my clutter-covered surface with the intention of picking you back up, but it would seem as if I’ve forgotten you. Your once soft fur is now covered in a slight layer of dust, but I leave you where you rest.

Do you resent me for it?

Do you resent me for not letting you go? Through many spring cleanings and garage sales, I’ve kept you close to my heart, never permitting you to leave, for who can sell their childhood memories for less than a pretty penny when the idea of some other kid enjoying you is a nagging fear.

I wish that I was still seven when the only thing on my mind was what’s for lunch and how much fun I had at school. I’d run up to my room and see you sitting softly against my pale pink sheets, waiting patiently to hear about the adventures I had concocted in my head.

Do you resent me for not letting you go?”

We’d stay up late, and you’d listen to me learn to read or you’d watch from a safe distance as I spent my summers learning how to swim under the bright sun. You held my hand on the first day of kindergarten, long after my mom had let go. When I fell off my bike your arms were the ones I wanted to be embraced in.

The comfort you used to bring the little blue-eyed girl is unparalleled, but the little blue-eyed girl has grown up, and your presence is a forever reminder of it.