The thing that’s always there


Something people don’t often think about is the floor.

The floor is just that dirty thing with the five second rule.

The floor is something you vacuum every few weeks.

The floor is something you walk on.

The floor is that thing people litter on.

The floor is filled with dirt and germs.

The floor is something that goes over your head.

But, the way I see it, the floor is always there for you.

No matter how exquisite or grotesque the floor is, it’s something I can count on.

The floor is a constant no matter what happens in my life. It will be there for me to tell all of my secrets to.

It can listen. It can listen to everything I want to get off of my chest, and all of my weird realizations and questions.

It can hear my problems. It might not give the best advice, but it will be there to comfort me and for me to cry on.

It will never let me fall. Even if I feel like I am falling inside and I am never going to hit the ground; even if I am spiraling and I need someone to stop me. The floor will put a stop to the madness inside.

The floor will always lift me up.

The floor will be my friend through all the ups and downs. It will never leave me; it never can.

Not only is it a good friend, but it is also a strong one that always supports me.

It will never decide to just open up and swallow me whole, even if I wanted it to. Without it, we wouldn’t exist. The Earth would just be another ball of fire floating in space and no known life would exist.

The floor has been my friend throughout my life. It played with me and my imaginary friends as much as it could.

Even when it gets mad at me, it will never let me down. The floor just wants me to give it a hug when it makes me fall over. It knows I will be able to get right back up.

No matter how exquisite or grotesque the floor is, it’s something I can count on.”

I can more easily sneak up on people and scare them when I get closer to the floor.

It has been something I can rest on. Something I sleep on, something I lay and do homework on.

When I was little, in the present, and in the future, the floor will be there for me and be a constant in my life. No matter how crazy life becomes. The floor is one of my best friends.