Player Profile: Blake Jacobs


Name: Blake Jacobs

Grade: 9

Sport: Varsity Wrestling

Weight: 112

3 Fun Facts:

  1. I love heavy metal music
  2. I like horror movies
  3. I enjoy cooking when I have free time.

How does it feel having both your brother and dad a part of the wrestling program?

“I love that this sport is more than myself. It’s my family, it’s my friends and it’s my team.”

What is a good snack you eat consistently throughout the season?

“I eat Gerber Puffs because they are extremely low in weight.”

What are some tips for new wrestlers?

“One tip I can give to new wrestlers is to stick with it. You will catch up if you give it your all.”

What is your favorite wrestling move and why?

“I like the double leg take down because it makes me feel stronger than my opponent.”

How did you get into wrestling?

“I began when Caden was done with his first year. It looked interesting and I thought it could be super fun.”