A force too great

Southern heat berated the fall, 

out ran the sweaters and warm drinks,

fearing the shatter of the porcelain doll.


Leaves stay put, green and healthy,

thriving on the spindly Elm branches,

representing the wads of the wealthy.


Fire ants stayed out on the hunt,

searching for their new October prey,

until they latched on to a human front.


The boy’s face welled with tears,

and as the firetruck red ants trampled him,

blistering stings confirmed the mothers fears.


At the first cry, the boy was transported,

his sand kingdom left behind,

replaced with a buckle and dreams were aborted.


Next came the cheery newborn with rosy cheeks,

the savior lifted her up and away from the red enemies,

but ripped the roots that child planted in just mere weeks.


Ahead of the two kids, safely in the back,

sat two loving parents leaving all they knew,

because the southern heat berated them, too.