The community at FHC is too strong to be torn down

FHC has so much to offer, making every student’s schedule slightly different.

While students can take more science-based classes, there are many art-based classes available to students.

Anything from a music class like Choir or Orchestra to classes such as Drawing & Painting 1 through 4 is available to students. And while some students don’t take this to their advantage, others soak up every second of their day with art classes.

Most of the complaints about middle or elementary school are that there aren’t enough options for those who choose to express themselves through the arts. Through moving into a bigger, better building, the high school, students’ doors of opportunity have swung wide open.

FHC offers five different types of art classes that take the time to look at a certain type of art and learn about their art style. But also adding on to that, the music department offers twelve different classes to take based on your music choice.

While it’s easy for students to get caught up in the main requirements to graduate, others take the time to explore their interests and try something new.

With all of the programs available, it can also be a problem for students to be able to choose exactly what classes they want to take. 

Although there are five different art styles for students to choose from, within those five there are also levels available depending on their prior knowledge and what you learn inside of school. This system makes it so students do not feel overwhelmed with the wide variety of choices available to them.

Within each area of the arts, it is like a small community. Because art classes are so unlike any of your regular classes, the experience is much different. At this point in school, those who are interested in the arts and strive to become better sign up for art-based classes, as opposed to being forced into art.

Overall, the great aspects of FHC come from the art community built in our very own school. The band plays at football games, there are murals all over school painted by kids from art classes, and the choir sings carols during the holiday season.

What makes FHC special is the art programs that students can try out, and if they like them, they can move up in levels throughout all four years. 

Some students do try their hardest to make their number one priority, art, a constant throughout highs school. That can mean having more than two art classes or just one.

FHC is very lucky to have so many classes available to students who want to take them. Some schools are being deprived of their art classes due to money issues, but the community built in FHC is too strong to be torn down.

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