The white curtain in the sky


There is a point in time each day where the clouds lurk over the sun. Its shining glory can only be seen through the small crevices of hope between each cloud. 

It is at that point in time that the joy of many people hides alongside the sun as they impatiently wait for the sun to come back. 

They wait for the warmth and comfort of everything they love. They wait for a light to guide the paths they stumble upon. They wait for that joy to return. 

They sit in the darkness and wonder when the sun will come back. They sit in solitude and hope the sun will bring them a new friend. 

They watch in disappointment as the sun sets beneath a blanket of clouds. They watch in disappointment as their friend leaves them in the dark. 

The clouds only bring disappointment as they cast their shadows on those moments that the sun leaves. People always ask when the sun will return but never how long the clouds will stay. 

They do not see the entertainment the clouds provide children on a long car ride, the stories that are created by the outlines of soft white curtains hanging from the skies. 

They do not see the protection provided by the clouds as they prevent the sun from receiving the chance to hurt them. 

They do not see the resources the clouds provide them with to help them live a blissful and broad life. 

They do not see the rainbows reaching through the clouds; they only see the hours of rain leading up to that moment. 

They do not see the true beauty the clouds contain even on the utmost gloomy days. 

They do not see the power that the sun and the clouds have when they work together. 

They let the sun remain at the center of the universe. 

They praise the sun for illuminating both their days and their nights, yet they scream at the clouds for providing them with shade.

The sun will always outshine the clouds, but the few that see the truth will ultimately be happier.