Owen Gorsuch has had a passion for cars from a very young age


Cars have long been a giant part of American culture. Boys and girls alike have found these magically magnificent machines to be captivating and awe-inspiring. From the first production model, the Benz, to the newer models like Chevy Colorados and Jeep Wranglers.

This pocket of American history has inspired manufacturers and major companies to host events for car junkies from all over the world to learn about their favorite past time.

Sophomore Owen Gorsuch is one of many that flock to these car-themed events held across the country.

“I try to go to one every year,” Owen said. “I usually go to the Detroit Auto Show in Grand Rapids every year. I couldn’t go to the Grand Rapids one this year, but I’m planning on going to the Detroit one this summer.”

Car shows are used as a way for manufacturers to show off their newest model and are seen as a giant advertising opportunity. Consumers also use car shows as a way to learn about new models.

And, while Owen is interested in just about every type of car ranging from the Subaru Outback to the Toyota Camry, his personal favorite is the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

“My favorite type of car [is] probably [the] Volkswagen Golf GTI,” Owen said. “It has some power, but it’s also practical as well so you can drive it on [the] roads.”

While Owen may have only just turned sixteen, he has considered cars to be a deep rooted passion of his for as long as he can remember.

“[I’ve been into cars] probably since I’ve been able to talk,” Owen said. “Since about [age] three.”

Owen was first introduced to the world of cars by simply observing them drive down the street—he was instantly hooked. His curiosity led him to take a more in depth look at the subject.

“I was always curious about what the cars on the road were,” Owen said. “My parents were never into cars so it was kind of just a natural curiosity.”

Even though Owen’s parents weren’t into cars in the beginning, they’ve climbed on board with the hobby.

“Cars [are] the number one thing I’m interested in,” Owen said. “Whenever my family and I go on vacation to other countries, we always try and do something related to cars.”

For example, this past summer, the Gorsuches took a family vacation to Nashville, Tennessee to visit the Lame Motor Museum that takes up its residence there.

“[The] Lane Motor Museum had a bunch of really unique cars from other countries,” Owen said. “There was one car that was one of two ever made. We actually saw the other one in Spain.”

Owen’s love of cars is so deeply ingrained that he wants to spend the rest of his life digging more and more under the surface of everything cars.

“I probably want to go to a small college for my undergrad,” Owen said. “Then maybe go to a larger college for graduate school. I don’t really have a set plan for what I want to do, but [I think] an automotive journalist would be a job I’d want to do because I’m good at writing and it also ties into my love of cars.”

An Automotive Journalist is a person who writes articles and stories about different types of automobiles for car magazines such as “Motor Trend” and “Car and Driver”.

Another reason Owen wants to be an Automotive Journalist is because of his idol, Jeremy Clarkson.

“He’s been writing about cars for twenty [to] thirty years,” Owen said. “That’s someone that took automotive journalism and was able to make a TV show, Top Gear, and turn it into one of the most popular TV shows in the world.”

Apart from loving cars for the mechanical side of things and the handful of car shows he attends, Owen also loves cars for an unexpected reason as well.

“I’m into cars [because] it’s like someone who’s into art,” Owen said. “Car design is like how someone can appreciate art.”