Apple: The Best Customer Experience

Apple: The Best Customer Experience

This past weekend I finally splurged on a brand new MacBook Pro; it was something that was well needed. Having a good computer is now becoming more and more essential in school. Not having one up to date can actually prevent me from being able to do my work, it sucked. I was done so done with mine I was literally begged and negotiated about a getting new one every day till I got one. My parents, getting annoyed with me, said yes.

Walking into Apple I was astonished with how many people were crammed into a tiny square of a room. The thought of how long this simple purchase was going to take dawned on me, making me dread this already without even talking to a worker. I walked deeper into the crowd and required to talk to someone about purchasing a MacBook, I was told it would take about a 20-minute wait. I nodded and went to go look around the store, gazing at all the options I could leave with.

About 40 minutes later I met AJ, who could have honestly been the most patient, understanding worker in customer service. Trust me, I know, I work in customer service and there have been more than enough times I have wanted to simply chase the customer out of the store. He explained all the options I have and recommended the MacBook for all of the specific things I wanted my Laptop to do, saying that this would be my best option. He gained my trust and I went with his recommendation. Then the question of which MacBook would I have, He went through the list and explained what each thing meant. I have no idea what the heck a 2.7GHz or 2.9GHz dual‑core Intel Core i5 processor Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz means, I would ask AJ repeatedly, “that means?” and he happily explained what that meant when using the laptop and how that would affect the use of it.

After we established which version of the MacBook I wanted, AJ went on to help me set up a brand new Apple ID, he was so willing and unbothered to help me do this in store when I could have done it at home, making me feel as if I was important and taken care of. He even offered to help me start up the laptop, programming my phone to it, along with my email, and icloud.

When everything was done the purchase, the programming I felt so happy and appreciated by not only AJ but the entire store and it’s employees when AJ could have a question he’d simply call someone over and they’d jump in no questions asked and solve the problem.

Apple customer service is literally a pampering, an experience like no other I have yet to come across.

Thank you to AJ and all of the works at Apple in Woodland Mall, you made my first purchase of a MacBook even more memorable.