Dreams make friends


There once was a girl who loved to dance and dreamed of becoming a professional.

And another girl had the same dream, but these two had an unblossomed friendship.

They met each other around the age of 8, but they made different friends. It was as if they were the same charge of a magnet; they rarely communicated with each other.

As time passed, each of their friends ceased to take classes, moved away, or changed. And at this point, when they were about 12, one of the charges switched, and the two girls with the same dream turned to each other in search of someone to talk to.

They grew close. They stayed in the same level together from age 12 on. They promised each other nothing would get in the way of their friendship.

They made each other gifts.

They spent their free time together.

Secrets were spilled.

Memories were shared.

They made the other laugh.

They gained more faith in the other than they had in themselves.

They were counterparts for the same role. They were in the same groups. They morphed to like the same type of dance.

They traveled around the country to different summer intensives from each other. The two came back like no time had passed.

Then there was the summer where they were both offered a spot to stay with the company they were with for the summer. They would stay there year-round.

They both thought long and hard about this.

In the end, they both ended up declining. They weren’t ready to leave the only place they’d ever called home and all of the people they called family.

Over that year, one decided she was most likely going to wait another year before leaving.

But the other was ready to leave.

She auditioned again.

She was accepted.

She was ready to say goodbye.

The other was not.

But she stayed strong for her friend. She waved goodbye to her relatively new friend. She waved goodbye and thought, go become even more of an amazing dancer and person than you already are. And don’t forget about me when you’re famous; I will never forget about you.